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Add users to the platform

Who can access this?
Admins and any user with permissions.
Adding users
1. Once you're on Educai, navigate to the Accounts page by clicking on your initials in the top right and then clicking 'Account'
2. Then, select the 'Manage Users' button

3. When you're on the Manage Users page, click on 'Invite User'

4. Then, just fill in their First Name, Last Name and Email.

5. If you want to add multiple users at a time, select 'add another user' and repeat step 4.
6. When you're ready, hit 'Send Invites'. Your tutors will then receive an email inviting them to create their account on Educai. You'll know they've accepted this when their status changes from 'INVITED' to 'ACTIVE'.
Setting their roles and permissions
Once you've added your tutors to the platform, you might want to edit their roles and/or permissions. By default, the admin role will have access to all permissions and be able to see all students and groups; the tutor role will not have any editable permissions and will only be able to see students and groups that they are assigned to.

To edit a user's role:
1. Click on the horizontal menu (the three horizontal dots) and select edit
2. Select whether you'd like them to be an admin or tutor and hit 'Save'.
To edit a user's permissions:
‍1. Click on the horizontal menu (the three horizontal dots) and select Pe
2. Select the permissions that you'd like this user to be able to access and then hit 'Save permissions'
3. The user's account will now be automatically updated with the permissions that you've set.

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