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What is a learning profile?

A learning profile is a descriptive tool that assesses the way a student learns and how they think. Learning profiles are broken down into traits, strengths, weaknesses and teaching methods.
Information about each individual learning profile can be found on the platform in the 'Learning Profiles' tab on the left hand side.

The idea behind the learning profiles is that it allows teachers to guide students through topics in a more personalised way that is suited to the way they understand maths. For example, if the student is a purple profile, you might want to teach using diagrams since this profile tends to have difficulty with visualising problems.
Further to this, the platform provides customised learning paths for each profile, so that for a given topic, a specification is created that allows the tutor to see what to teach and what order to teach in. These can be found under the 'Learning Paths' section of the platform and more detail about getting these can be found here.

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