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How to create a new student

Who can access this?
Admins and any tutor with the permissions to add students.
To add multiple students

1. Click on this CSV form

2. Fill in your students' details based on the columns set out:
  • The format of the date of birth should be: YYYY/MM/DD
  • The first letter of the students' first and last name should be capitalised
3. Send your completed CSV to with the subject of your Tutoring Agency Name
4. An Educai team member will be there to upload your CSV file and your students' information onto the platform for you

To add students individually

1. Navigate to the 'Students' tab on the platform

2. In the top right corner, select 'Add student'
3. Fill in the details of the new student

4. Click 'Create and view' to add the student and see their profile

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