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How to set permissions

Who can access this?
Admins and users will full access to the group/student
1. Navigate to 'Students' in on the platform and select the student you would like to set permissions for

2. Then, select "Permissions" in the options menu in the top right corner of the screen
3. From here, you'll be able to view all of the tutors/admins who have full/partial access to the student's data. You'll be able to give another tutor access to viewing a student's data by hitting 'add tutor/admin' in the bottom left.

4. Select the tutor you'd like to give access to, then grant them full or controlled access.
Full access: this tutor will be able to see all information on the student, including upcoming and previous sessions, their student details and primary contact information.
Controlled access: you will be able to select the kind of permissions that the tutor has access to by assigning the tutor to specific Group/Privates or to individual sessions.
  • By assigning controlled access to a specific private, the tutor will be able to see all session notes.
  • By assigning controlled access to a specific group, the tutor will be able to see the session notes within that group for that specific student only.
    Note: If you'd like the tutor to have full access to all the students within that group, check out how to set tutor permissions for a group here.
  • By assigning controlled access to an individual session, that tutor will only be able to view and edit the particular student's data for that individual session.
5. When you're ready, hit "Assign" to save the permissions that you've set

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